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Apple to unveil the “future of iOS and Mac OS” at WWDC 2011

Apple to debut new software releases rather than new hardware at the next WWDC 2011. Debuts include iOS 5, Mac OS X Lion and possible cloud services.

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31 May

G-mail Motion, throw away your keyboard and mouse

Motion tracking used to create, forward and reply to e-mail messages? Could this technology really eliminate the use of your keyboard and mouse? Read more and find out…

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02 Apr

How-To: Become More Productive Using Free Utilities

See how you can become more productive and work or at home using these free utilities…just in time for that New Years resolution!

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03 Jan

Windows Phone 7 a Failure?

What can we say about the new Windows 7 Phone? Well, I was able to test out one of these phones myself..and there are some things you should know before purchasing one.

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23 Nov