Oh no! Just plugged in that hard drive and it’s giving you an error in English, but you just can’t understand what it means? Accidentally deleted that important file to send to your boss in the morning? or just want to make a back up of all those pictures from the trip to the Grand Canyon..don’t worry, Geek IT has got you covered! We provide data backup and disaster recovery services for anyone’s needs.

If you suspect your drive is failing…

  1. Shut down your computer immediately if you hear any noises coming from your computer such as clicking, whirling, clanging or ascending beeps or a “tune” coming from your computer
  2. Do not attempt to run any utilities on your computer to check for hard drive failure. These utilities may make the problem worse that it already is.
  3. Banging your computer or external drive against the wall, punching it or doing any other physical damage to it may render the drive unrecoverable.

Our disaster recovery service is unique, we offer a FREE evaluation of your drive without you paying a dime. We’ll check to see what the cause of the problem is and have our data recovery professionals recover only the data you need. As with any other data service, if we are unable to retrieve anything, you don’t pay a thing.


Data Backup and Recovery Services

Data Backup – starting at $49.00

    • Complete backup of all your important files to DVDs or transfer to external device
    • If we are unable to backup data from your drive, it may require our disaster recovery service
    • Service is available for portable USB “thumb” drives, MMC, SD and MemoryStick Pro

If we are unable to backup any data from your device, we’ll issue you a full refund, plain and simple, without the gobbley gook.

jump drive image

hard drive platter

In-Shop Data Recovery – $250.00

    • We’ll make our best attempt to recover your data from failing media, if we are unable to do so, you will receive a full refund
    • Covers all devices including but not limited to: Hard Drives (desktop, laptop, camcorder), USB drives, Flash Memory, SD, MemoryStick Pro
    • Recovered data can be placed on DVDs or another external device

Clean Room Service – call us for an estimate

    • Symptoms: clicking hard drive, water damage, non-spinning drives
    • Your device will be sent to our clean room facility to have data extracted
    • Upon evaluation, you will receive a listing of files that are recoverable from the defective device
    • If we are unable to recover your data, you will receive a full refund, and you will receive a damage report of your defective media

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