What is Geek Suite?

Geek Suite is a collection of applications that our technicians at Geek IT Hawaii install on your computer to help keep your computer running smoothly. Our suite of applications currently includes the following programs:

    • CCleaner: A lightweight application used to clean your computer of unnecessary files. Think of this program as the janitor that cleans up after your computer.
    • Firefox: This is a faster and more reliable Internet browser than Microsoft’s Internet Explorer and is highly recommended by our repair technicians for use.
    • Malwarebytes’ Anti-Malware: a supplemental program which will scan your computer for everything from rootkits to Trojans and even tracking cookies – including malware. A very powerful and free malware scanner.
    • Avast! Free Antivirus: a lightweight and powerful antivirus program which allows you to scan your files before your computer boots as well as while you are using your computer to keep your computer virus free, and clean your computer of viruses when needed.
    • SpywareGuard: a Geek IT exclusive program which runs in the background while your computer is running to help prevent you from downloading malicious files and also keeping those malicious programs at bay.