The deadline for claim submissions has passed. If you would like to check on the status of your claim, you can call 1-877-440-7557 for more information.

Good news for all the computer users with a faulty NVIDIA GPU…we will finally be compensated. Any old Dell, HP, or Apple listed on the NVIDIA settlement website will either be repaired or replaced. According to the NVIDIA settlement, Dells and Apple Macbook Pros are able to be repaired, whereas the older HP models do not have the parts available to fix them and will be replaced with either Presario CQ50‘s or an ASUS EeePC T101MT. On top of that, if you have proof that your computer has already been fixed due to the faulty GPU, NVIDIA is willing to compensate for the repair costs…those of you who can provide the proof, well we’ll either have to repair or replace it.

Being a victim of the faulty GPU myself, I find this news to be greatly appreciated, while also thinking “It’s about time!” But you need to hurry, as the deadline for filing a claim ends on March 14. Also, you will need to send in a claim form, which will be reviewed before determining if your computer is covered under the settlement. For those who want to know if their computer is affected by this settlement, you can check the listing of affected models.

Source: Engadget and NVIDIA Settlement