If you’ve seen one of these posts from your Facebook friends, be warned, clicking these links can result in your account information being compromised and spamming your friends and others with this annoying link or video. In a report from AVG Technologies, Facebook users have been subjected to a large increase of potentially unwanted sites on their profiles.

This type of attack is mainly to spread this app to as many people as possible, by using your facebook information to repost the link or video. While this seems only annoying, it also gives the attackers the possibility of recording that login information and compromising your account. Facebook isn’t alone in this threat. Mobile OS’ such as android have been the target for malware for quite some time now. Know that the Android OS is an open source software, which means play time for hackers! Don’t get sucked into a false sense of security thinking that your phone can’t get infected with malware, this has been going on for quite some time now and I was also interviewed by KHON2 regarding this type of issue. If you haven’t seen the segment yet, you can view it here:


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Source: DigitalTrends